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Welcome to the home page of G.W. Resident Company Limited. This website is intended to supplement the GWR's occasional printed communications to its member shareholders.

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Annual Maintenance Charge Increase from July 1, 2017
This requires your immediate attention

Dear Resident / Home Owner,

We would like to advise all residents of some significant increases that have to be made to the annual maintenance charge which were agreed at our AGM on May 16, 2017. Following a health and safety tree survey on the estate, a large number of trees require remedial work in order for us to meet our duty of care as directors. The cost of the grass cutting will also be increasing from July this year as our current contract is renewed.

The current management charge has to be raised to £65 but is reduced to £55 for residents paying by standing order. This reflects the lower costs of handling standing order payments. The maintenance charge is payable annually on the first day of July. It is mandatory for all residents and is a condition in the deeds of your property. At the AGM, the shareholders voted 25 in favour with only two voting against the increased charge and they were therefore adopted for 2017.

A small number of residents forget to pay the charge despite reminders. The cost of pursuing these late payments is very high in relation to the charge and can result in court action. To recover the extra costs from those residents, a third level of maintenance charge applies.


If you already pay by standing order, you will need to advise your bank of the new charge. You will need to do this before the July 1, 2017.

The previous time we increased the maintenance charge, some people failed to amend their standing order and hence paid a lower amount. This caused extra work in chasing up the incorrect payments. If you fail to amend yours you will be charged the full rate of £65 due to the increased work involved.

If you do not yet pay by standing order we would advise you to consider this cost-effective method of payment.

Garden Wood Resident Co. Ltd. is owned by the residents and exists only to manage the common land on the Garden Wood Estate for the benefit of the residents. The directors are all homeowners and are elected by the shareholders. The directors act on a voluntary basis without pay. The annual management charge covers improvements and maintenance of the estates’ grass and wooded areas which equate to approximately 4 acres.


G.W. Resident Co Ltd – Tree Policy

When Garden Wood estate was built, the developers and the Residents Co planted many new trees to supplement the existing ones. These have now matured and the estate is well endowed with trees large and small. There are no plans to plant any more but requests from residents for new trees will be considered.

The company may decide to replace trees that have we have had to remove. Much will depend on the location and financial constraints. Generally we will not replace trees on very small plots. Some of the small plots that we maintain are actually owned by WSCC. These plots are normally between the road and the footpath. We will not replace any trees lost on these plots.

The company is committed to maintain existing trees and ensure that the estate remains a 'Garden Wood'. Many of the trees are now quite large and the maintenance costs are increasing. It would be possible to spend significant amounts of money on tree maintenance but the directors try to keep maintenance charges low so an annual budget is allocated for tree work.

The company cuts back and prunes trees within its budgetary constraints but does not remove trees unless they are dead, there is a safety issue or they are causing significant problems. Occasionally residents request a tree to be removed. Such requests will be considered but are unlikely to be granted unless there is a clear safety issue.

The company has a duty of care so we occasionally have to remove trees for health and safety reasons. If the company has no option but to remove a tree then we do not generally consult or advise local residents. If there is an option then we will try to contact residents living close to the area of the tree.

Where a resident requests/insists that the company removes a tree because they believe it is causing or may cause damage to their property the company reserves the right to ask the resident to produce a report from a professional to confirm that this is the case.  The cost of obtaining this report shall be borne by the resident. 

It is recognised that removing a tree can aggravate structural damage through heave or root shrinkage. If the company does remove a tree at a resident’s request then the company will not accept responsibility for any subsequent damage. 

Please contact us if you have any questions about trees on our land. 

July 1, 2017


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